• TG400 Series Process Total Sulphur Analyser

TG400 Series Process Total Sulphur Analyser

Measures total sulphur in gases

Duty: To measure the concentration of total sulphur in a process gas stream.

The metered process gas is mixed with a continuous flowing stream of hydrogen. The mixed gases are heated together in a conversion furnace at 850°C, where all the sulphur compounds are converted to H₂S. A catalyst is used to aid conversion in some applications (optional). The resulting H₂S is measured using interference free ASTM approved colorimetric techniques.

The analyser is equipped with an automatic regeneration system to remove any build-up of carbon in the furnace tube.

The local LCD display provides the current H₂S / total S readings, alarms if any and failure indicators.

With its wide-ranging ability to measure total sulphur in gases from % levels down to ppb levels, the TG400 range of Total Sulphur process analysers can be utilised in many process industries, including:

• Ethylene/Propylene plants 
• Reformer recycle gas 
• Offshore gas production 
• Fuel gas monitoring 
• Catalyst protection 
• Sour gas treatment plants


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