Oxifree TM198 防蝕項目

Oxifree TM198是防腐蝕最有效的解決辦法


Oxifree material has been thoroughly tested to 11,688 hours of "industry standard" Salt Spray test, which complies with ASTM B117 corrosion testing which is equivalent to in excess of 50 years ‘in the field'. Oxifree has also been through ASTM G56 UV/Weathering test and again exceeded required longevity with ease. :

  • ASTM B117 – Salt spray test – successfully tested to 4x industry benchmark
  • ASTM G154 UV - Weathering test successfully exceeded standards
  • GOL492/09 Volatile Organic Compound Test (<0.05%)
  • Boeing BSS 7239 – Successful smoke toxicity test
  • ASTM E662 – Successful smoke generation test
  • ASTM G85-94 – Annex A5 prohesion test – successfully approved with 1000hrs testing
  • BS EN 13823 – Single burning item test – Complete and passed within standards
  • ASTM D790 - Cryogenic bend flexibility
  • ASTM D149 – Dielectric strength testing
  • BS2782 Pt.2 - Volumetric resistivity testing (Electrical resistance)
  • ASTM D7359 – 13 Standard Test Method for Total Fluorine, Chlorine and Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • ASTM E968 - Sand abrasion resistance