• Model 1803

Model 1803

Water vapour in the range 0 - 1,000 ppm can be measures with this analyser using an electrolytic cell

The operating principle of the moisture analyser is as follows. Sample is passed through a phosphorous pentoxide (P₂O₅) electrolytic cell of proven performance at a flow kept constant using a mass-flow controller. All of the moisture in the sample is continuously absorbed on to the P₂O₅ and electrolysed by passing a current through the platinum wires. According to Faraday's Law, the moisture content of the gas is proportional to the amount of current required for electrolysis.

Applications Include:

• Nuclear Power : CO2 Coolant 
• Petrochemical : Instrument Air Inert, Gas Blanketing 
• Food : O2 and CO2 Packaging Gases 
• Gas Manufacture : Quality of Permanent Gases
• Cryogenics : Purity of CO2, N2, O2, etc. 
• Medical : Instrument air, NO, O2 
• Semiconductor : Glove Boxes 
• Power Generation : H2 alternator gas


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