•Power supply: 20-255V AC, 20-60V DC

•Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +70 °C

•Medium temperature: -40 °C to +130 °C

•Medium pressure: max. 40 bar

•Process connection: 1', 11/2' or flanges or hygienic fittings

•Output: 1 or 2 SPDT relays, 2-wire AC or DC,

transistor (PNP, NPN)

•Ingress protection: IP 65/68, IP 67

•Ex marking:

ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4...T6 Ga

ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4...T6 Ga

•Approvals: Germanischer Lloyd (GL) only for Compact type (RF-400) instruments

•No moving parts

•Self-cleaning for most media

•High immunity against vibrations

•Stainless steel and coated (PFA) probes

•Solid rod extension up to 3 m

•Various output configurations

•Selectable density

•High or low fail-safe mode

•Plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housing

•Explosion-proof models

•Most liquids with min. 0.7 kg/dm3 density and max. 10,000 mm2/s viscosity

•Corrosive, thick, turbulent, flowing liquids