• series SST70

series SST70

The transmitter series SST70 measures liquid levels, density and interface levels in closed or open vessels. It converts buoyant force exerted by a displacer immersed in a liquid to a proportional current signal thanks to a mechanical forces transmission device based on a torque tube and a piezoresistive sensor. The Spriano measuring cell contains the sensor and transmits the pressure to the electronics. Thermal drift is compensated using the temperature signal generated by a PTC thermistor integrated in the sensor itself. Based on these readings the microprocessor generates the 4-20mA analog output “two wires system” and displays the pressure measurement on the LCD.

Principle                                  Torque tube

Measuring Range                    From 0…356 mm (14”) to 0…3048 mm (120”)

Process Connections               Flanged from 1 1/2" (JIS, UNI, ANSI) Socket welded from 1 1/2" 

Process Temperature               -60…150°C (with finned arm max 350°C)

Accuracy Class                        0,5% FS